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Welcome to Fail On, a podcast based on the belief that the only way to create your dream life is by taking urgent, bold action and embracing failure.

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[0:00:25.1] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Fail on Podcast where we explore the hardships and obstacles today’s industry leaders face on their journey to the top of their fields, through careful insight and thoughtful conversation. By embracing failure, we’ll show you how to build momentum without being consumed by the result.

Now please welcome your host, Rob Nunnery.


[0:00:32.8] RB: Hey there, and thank you so much for joining me. I have literally just tried to record this same intro episode like 20 times and every time I listen back, it just sounds so staged. So you know what? I’m just going to let it rip, we’re going to have a conversation, I’m going to do a little freestyle. I’m not going to read the script I wrote out and I’m just going to tell you a little bit about what I’m trying to achieve here with Fail On and what this podcast is all about.

Just to kind of break it down in simple terms, it’s like the main belief we have here is that if you’re not failing, you’re not growing. The whole idea with fail on is to have you embrace failure, embrace the fear of potential embarrassment and failure and don’t let it consume you and don’t get analysis paralysis where you’re just not doing anything. The whole idea is to actually get momentum, get activated, and get doing essentially anything, because as my good friend, Jayson Gaignard, who you’ll hear from next episode always says, “You can’t stir a parked car.”

On that note, we really believe that success is the byproduct of three key ingredients. Number one, like I said, it’s actually moving. It’s consistent trying. Secondly, it’s consistent failing, because it’s inevitable. Nobody has a perfect learning curve where you’re just going to straight up to success. Three, it’s consistent learning. It’s actually those failures and learning from them and then repeating the process a second time but actually doing better, because you’re taking those lessons that you’ve learned.

That’s really at the core what we’re here for, so if you are somebody that has a deep desire to grow personally, professionally, maybe you want to start a business, maybe you want to learn new skills, this applies massively, because one of my goals through this podcast is to actually provide you actionable advice and directives direct from guests and industry leaders, entrepreneurs that have already experienced these massive, massive failures before and turn them into super successes.

You’re going to learn lessons from these folks, apply them to your life, actually get off your freaking’ rear-end and go do something and you’re going to screw yourself up. That’s what fail on is, it’s going out and failing on.

We’re also going to have challenges to where you’ll have a challenge to go out and do in the real world — It’s such a handful of a — Mouthful of a combinations of words? How did they even have a TV show that put those two words together, because it’s so damn hard to say? Like I said, you’re going to take these actionable items, go out into the real world and put them into play, come back, report on them, and you’re going to do this all the time. It’s getting you outside your comfort zone to experience a little bit of growth. That’s what this podcast is all about. We’re going to dig in to people’s hardships, their struggles, their failures, their toughest moments and we’re going to see how they dug in and turn those hardships into successes and to opportunities.

What this is not — What The Fail On Podcast truly is not, because there’s so many of them on iTunes already, is just a podcast where you’re doing interviews from business people and entrepreneurs that have books coming out and they’re just promoting their books. While I obviously commerce, business is great, this isn’t kind of the platform for that. We’ll still share authors’ books, their courses. If they’ll actually help you, we’ll share that stuff. The meat and potatoes of this podcast is actually digging in to the failures, the struggles, the hardships, and seeing how our guests turn those into successes. That’s the meat and potatoes. That’s what we’re here for. We’re not just going to go to success theater and talk about all these overnight successes that happened. It’s just nonsense.

I think success in entrepreneurship and business is so glamorized that people don’t have the true idea of what entrepreneurship is and the struggles and hardships that people actually go through, literally just so we could go — At was at one of my lowest points. Story for another day. I do plan on sharing it eventually, but I’m too much in the thick of it right now to really dig into and talk about it and share it, because there’s still too much emotion involved, but I will get back to that. I digress.

That’s a little bit about what the podcast is. A little bit about what the podcast is not. You’re probably also wondering about who I am. Why am I doing this? Why am I starting a podcast about failure? I’m just a guy in my early 30s. I’m, most importantly, a husband to my beautiful wife Jacqueline and a father to our crazy, crazy two-year-old golden retriever, Lucy. I know plenty about failure. I’ve been jobless, homeless, I’ve been moneyless. I’ve slept on friends’ couches literally during three different periods in my 20s. I even slept in a friend’s closet once for about a month now that I think about it.

Yeah, on that note, a sincere thank you and shout out — this is probably a good time to do it. A sincere thank you and shout out to Erin in New York, that was the closet that she let me to live in for a month. Jeff in Florida, he took us in when we didn’t have a car, job, or money. Literally, less than $100 in our bank account. I remember this. Three months into our marriage. Long story, but Jeff put us up. Let us sleep at his place and super grateful for that. Thank you, Jeff. Then, Kenny in San Diego put me up before all of that when I quit my job, quit/got fired from my job in Dallas, and Kenny was like, “Hey, got a couch, your name on it.” I said, “San Diego sounds a lot better than Dallas. Let’s do it.” Thank you, Kenny. I appreciate that dude.

I’ve quit or been fired from at least 14 jobs in the last decade alone. You could probably ask any of my former employers, I am not exactly the role model employee. That’s for damn sure. Over that same time period I started nine businesses or side hustles kind of in conjunction with those jobs I had that failed miserably for the most part. Maybe a couple generated actually a little money. The others didn’t generate any money.

You always hear about these child prodigy entrepreneurs, like Gary Vee. had a lemonade stand franchise the age of 10 or something. Crazy, but that wasn’t me. I didn’t even know what business or entrepreneurship even was or meant until after college. When I was growing up I was just super focused playing sports and playing tennis and went to college on a tennis scholarship. That was my world then. Once I got out of college, it’s like, “Well, crap! I got to actually support myself, and job suck.” Any job I ever had sucked. I don’t know about you guys. Maybe I just had the wrong job, most were on sales and they were all pretty awful for the most part, but did teach me a lot.

Yeah, I can’t hold a job and I fail a lot. It’s not all bad, right? Because in 2014 I did achieve my dream. I supported myself and my wife without having a job, which was literally the best feeling I’ve ever had. It was just — Because I always wanted is to badly, I just didn’t know what it was going to be. In 2014, my partner and I, we built a seven-figure performance marketing company which allowed the freedom for my wife and i to really travel whenever we want and live where ever we want.

Then, to move the timeline up a little bit, in 2015 we saw an opportunity — My partner and I saw an opportunity to start a new company and passively invest in a couple of guys that we just purely believed in. The harder you worked, the luckier you get. This is one of those lucky moments where the guys absolutely just crushed it. We just had blind faith. They turned that into a multimillion dollar business within five months in 2015. Last year, in their first full year of operation, they did low eight figures. These guys were just studs and they’re crushing it and all the props in the world to those guys.

Then, kind of that brings us up to speed, right? The current. Both these companies continue to operate. However, on my end, I’ve actually walked away from the marketing business to focus solely on building fail on and hanging out with you guys which is literally like a dream come true to me to actually be able to work on a passion project of mine full-time. Because the marketing business, while it was a cash flow business, it did well financially.

For me, it was kind of soul-sucking. It didn’t have a purpose behind it. If I can inspire people into action by embracing failure, I know that’s where growth is and that’s where the magic happens. If I can inspire you guys to get up and actually doing stuff and start trying stuff and start failing, I now you’re going to see success, because I know that’s the first step.

The fact that I could work on that full-time is my heart is extremely full and I’m very grateful. I’m full of gratitude. That kind of brings us up to speed. I’ve seen a ton of failure. I’ve seen a little success. Absolutely no way am I like a business expert or some guru, whatsoever. I have learned a lot over the past few years, that’s a fact, but I still feel all the time, I still know very little. At least I recognize that. I know I know very little, but I’m continuing to try to grow and learn and get better every single day. Actually doing these interviews and talking to all of these folks is amazing, because I’m learning from my heroes every single day, and it’s just a ton of fun. Really grateful to be here.

More importantly, I’m super excited to connect with everybody, connect to the community to help support each other, so you can support me in my failures as I start building this business, and so I can support you in your failures. If you’re failing, it means you’re actually doing something, which is so powerful, and that’s where — Like I said, that’s where the growth happens. As long as you take lessons from those failures and keep trying you will see success. It’s just inevitable.

That’s what this community is all about, we celebrate failure. We share a journey with others. We embrace our hardships. We lift each other up over the hurdles. In essence, like it sounds, we fail on. If you do enjoy the podcast, just to wrap everything, I would be so grateful if you could rate it in iTunes and leave a one or two sentence review. All this is going to do is simply increase the likelihood that somebody will find this podcast and somebody that appreciates these types of stories like you do will find it and hopefully it will help them.

To rate and review the podcast, super easy, just go to Another way to get involved and figure out what we’re doing is by liking our Facebook page. Again, very easy, If you want to share this podcast with others; friends, family, super easy as well. To share a tweet that we’ve actually already written out for you, all you have to do is go to, and on the Fail On homepage, I invite you to enter your email address, first name, just to be added to our newsletter.

Currently, I plan on sending an e-mail probably about once a week. That’s just going to provide kind of unique insight into the guest interviews as well as key takeaways and action items from each guest that you could implement in your life on a daily basis which that’s what this is all about, actually getting out and doing stuff in the real world. Of course, I highly doubt you remember any of these URLs, so you can find everything I’ve mentioned by going to our show notes page, that’s going to be at

Guys, super glad to have you here. Thanks for listening. Just remember, if you’re not failing, you’re not growing.


[0:12:04.4] ANNOUNCER: That’s all for this episode of The Fail On Podcast. For more resources, show notes and action items to help you find success in your failures, sign up for our mailing list at

For more actionable inspiration, we’ll catch you next time right here on The Fail On Podcast.


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