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Real Life Before Reel Life

I am the number one offender here.
I love the highlight reel.
I’ll show reel life over real life any day.
It makes me feel good.
It makes me feel important.
It makes me feel secure.

Overcompensate much?

Having a media buying business led me to having millions of AMEX points.
Points that translate into first class tickets on nearly every major domestic and international airline.
I wasn’t super shy about it either.
Hello Instagram. Hello Facebook.
Look at me!
Look at my life! It’s so much better than yours.
Are you sitting at your cubicle while I’m sipping champagne from a $300 bottle at 35,000 feet?
Poor you. Amazing me.

Putting up a facade is tiring.
The life I live is real, but you don’t see all of it.
Not even close.
I only show you the highlight reel.
The half truth.

Are you sharing your real life or your highlight reel life?

Yes, great things happen in my life.
Great things happen in your life.
We share these things with the world.

Terrible things happen to all of us.
We make a mistake.
We fail.
We quit and jump from idea to idea.
The business didn’t work out.
The MLM we pushed on every friend and family member blew up in our face.
Now everyone hates us.

We don’t share these struggles.
They’re shameful.
They’re embarrassing.

And I get it.

We care so much about what other people think.

I know I do. I care deeply about what you think of me.
I want to be liked, no different from anyone else.

Sharing that we screw up makes us real though.

It shows a rare glimpse into an authentic person in an increasingly inauthentic world.

Sometimes I have a bad day.
Seeing your highlight reel makes me feel worse.
Seeing my highlight reel probably makes you feel worse.
I highly doubt you’re happy for me.
That’s okay.
I don’t post it to make you feel happy.
I post it so I can feel better about myself.

I imagine a world where we all share whole truths.
Real life and reel life.
The highlights.
The struggles.

Highlights don’t just appear out of thin air.
Accomplishing anything worthwhile comes with struggle.
Struggle is a prerequisite to achievement.
And struggle is damn interesting.
Way more interesting than the 423rd picture of your baby.
Or dog in my case.

The struggle can be painful.
By sharing my struggle, it makes me feel better.
It’s therapeutic.
And maybe you will be able to relate to my struggle.

A friend on Facebook recently said that (s)he finds it interesting how people share private details about their lives on social media.

I have no idea if (s)he was referring to my posts.

Possibly, and that’s okay.

I do feel like I’m walking around naked on Facebook these days.

Mark Zuckerberg looks at Facebook as a vehicle to change the world.
To create real impact and change.
To bring internet and connectivity to the entire planet.

The platform can take an idea from my head in Boulder and immediately spread it to every corner of the globe.
A message, post or idea can help people all over the world relate to each other and possibly feel less alone.

Maybe Facebook’s TOS says users must share only the highlight reel.

But, what good does that really do?

Except make me hate you.
And make you hate me.

Seeing your struggles on Facebook makes me actually care about your highlights.

It makes you real.

I like when people are doing terrible.

It’s really interesting.
Like, REALLY interesting.

And no one shares it! It’s the good stuff!

I like it when people are doing amazing too.

But, just seeing the amazing part makes the journey lose all of it’s luster.

We need to see the whole spectrum of the journey.

I can’t appreciate your reel without you being real.

And I know this can be a slippery slope with social media.

I don’t care if you spilled coffee on yourself in the car.
I don’t care if you stepped in dog poop.
I just don’t care.

I do care if you get fired and want to turn that into a blessing.
I do care if you hate your job, but don’t know what to do about it.

That is real.
I want to help. I can relate.
That was me, or that could be me.

Share your real life before your reel life.

Then maybe I won’t hate you.
And maybe you won’t hate me.

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