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What I Learned from Nik Tarascio, CEO And Aviator

It’s a Sunday evening in New York City and Nik and I meet up for dinner over indian food in Murray Hill. We share a meal and walk over to his apartment by the Flatiron building to record the conversation. I wish I recorded everything. The most interesting conversations happen with no microphone on.

It was an interesting night. I think Nik and I are cut from the same cloth. We both suffer from imposter syndrome. We both get social anxiety in larger groups of people, yet we yearn for social connection. And we are each on a constant journey of self growth.

He runs a family aviation business and has worked in it since the age of 5. He was negotiating $100k deals at the age of 13. He was a private pilot at 16 and a Lear jet pilot at 19.

Nik reminded me tonight that it’s okay to be vulnerable. He reminded me that I should be unapologetically me. He showed me that we are all on the same journey and just trying to figure it out and do our best.

Nik, in real-time, showed me what it is to be brave and courageous. I put him on the spot in the interview and it made his stomach churn with fear. I challenged him in the conversation to launch a project he has been putting off by the end of August. He leaned into that feeling and embraced the fear by accepting the challenge. He embodies Fail On.

Nik hosts spontaneous flight adventures. He takes strangers on life changing trips to different cities. Nik is a phenomenal connector and he does it all while having social anxiety.

Nik is a high flying, super connector CEO not afraid of being vulnerable and brave enough to embrace fear, failure and potential embarrassment.
Be more like Nik.



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